Praanah was founded by Bhaktiveda Dhaul in 2009 to promote the freedom of expression through artistic modalities. Using concepts from Expressive therapies, Praanah has been successful in inculcating a sense of awareness and understanding among its participants. The concepts and activities involved are associated with self therapy using art, dance, drama and other objects such as figurines, puppets, musical instruments, therabands, cloth and sandtrays to name a few.

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Bhaktiveda graduated from Trinity College, USA in 2007, with honors in her self-designed major: “Expressive Arts Therapy”. Her thesis topic was a rudimentary research project on how “Movement can be Therapeutic”. Following this path she then attended an intensive workshop on Dance/Movement Therapy at Antioch University, and then continued on to pursuing her Masters Degree in “Expressive Therapies” from Lesley University, USA under the division of Mental Health Counselling in 2013.

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"Psycho Magicum 2016", National College, Mumbai

Bhaktiveda had a rewarding experience at the "Psycho Magicum 2016" - A psychology festival Organised by "Mind Mandala" - a company that aims at providing integral psychology trainings and services.

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An adventure, where kids were taken on a journey through the magic of elements. Through dance, music, art and yoga we will discover how our bodies are balanced by the elements - Earth, Air, Space, Water and Fire.

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Paint. Dance. Flow - Assagaon, India

In the beautiful valley of Assagaon - come and spend some quality time with yourself! Explore Non Verbal Communication - our natural primal impulses using the body as a tool. Authentic Dance - Free and flowing movements coming from within.

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Self-Healing through movement and art, Mandeville Hotel, London

In the hustle bustle of Central London, a mixed group participated in this self-healing workshop where participants were able to heal blocked emotions on a subtle level through expressive art therapy techniques.

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"It indeed is awakening!"

The workshop de-stresses and impacts your true core, inner child positively. =) Kudos Bhaktiveda! Mugdha

"Mindblowing Workshop - Literally"

Shedding inhibitions & bringing people back to themselves is what this workshop is all about. U would love to become a child again and enjoy the freedom they enjoy. In a nutshell, at the start u feel a bit "Awkward" doing such childish acts and at the end u feel "Fresh & Full of Life" Brilliant workshop Veda, hope u help many more people get closer to themselves. Naveen


I've always been a skeptic when it comes to workshops like these, but i have to admit i walked out feeling happier, lighter and just plain liberated. Its quite interesting to see what comes out of you through the different activities. Even if you dont want to discuss them (and we have that option) it's great to just look inward and express. Veda is an absolute pleasure to work with. Richa

"Awesome Workshop!!!!"

Yayyy!!!! I really enjoyed myself at the workshop & found it very rejuvenating. It was a wonderful escape from hectic routine and a lot of fun. A rare opportunity for self expression & reflection. I hope I have the chance like that in the future as well. I recommended this program to all my co-workers as well. Elizabeth

"It was the best experience I have had ever in my life"

This is the first time I have attended Expressive Art therapy. It was the best experience I have had ever in my life. It was very rejuvenating and exhibited emotions. Loved it. Looking forward to attending more sessions. Thanks a lot for the wonderful workshop Yoshita shah