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Goals of the Workshop

Communication, Creativity and Efficiency in the workplace is of paramount importance for profitable and content business houses.

Many times in the corporate structure employees feel that they are not able to live up to their full potential due to various reasons. Sometimes there are ego related emotional blocks that are created, that can be distracting in the work environment. Or hindrances due to inhibitions, low self-esteem, conflicts within colleagues and even personal reasons. Deeper understanding of personal motives, the true scenario, or a change in perspective has the potential to change one’s outlook and relationship with each other and hence their work.

Every child is an artistPablo Picasso

“The problem is how to remain a child as we grow up”. Creativity is our birthright. Following this thought process we believe that a creative person need not be artistic, he is one to find creative solutions in many situations.

Workshop in Action

Methodology and Applications

This workshop will be an interactive group experience, which will be fun and de-stressing involving some basic physical movements such as exploring communicating through body language, meditation, self awareness exercises, art therapy and body movements with music and props among others.  Participants will also work on group art projects to strengthen bonds and ties between each other and release stress.

The participants get to widen their horizons by indulging in creative expression and have an opportunity to deeper introspect into issues they are facing in the work environment and also in their personal lives. Many participants get out of their comfort zone and gain confidence because these expressive and artistic processes empower them in a non-judgmental manner and often give them a refreshed sense of self-confidence and empowerment.

Bhaktiveda personally devises each workshop based on the requirement, duration and level of the group.  Each employee is expected to also fill in a questionnaire before the session, which will help the employer get a deeper insight into the employee’s current state of mind. These sessions will be beneficial for teams and groups but are also effective sometimes when employees are handpicked from different sectors of the organization to increase and widen the range of communication. The confidentiality of the participating group will be decided by the HR department, based on purpose, goals and requirement of session. 

Success Story


Yay!! I really enjoyed myself at the workshop and found it very rejuvenating. It was a wonderful escape from hectic routine and a lot of fun. A rare opportunity for self expression and reflection. I hope I have the chance like that in the future as well. I recommended this program to all my co-workers as well.ELIZABETH


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