About Praanah

Praanah was started in 2009, as Bhaktiveda realized the need for people to have an avenue to emotionally express themselves as a therapeutic release. Using theory and practice from the field of Expressive Art Therapy, Praanah incorporates different artistic modalities as a means to access information that is stored within the body and provides a safe environment to access and work with these verbal or non-verbal cues that come from the individuals experiences and personality.

We use the body, breath and voice as a tool of expression, along with incorporating art and crafts, props, clay, figurines, musical instruments and various other objects to facilitate a relationship between the client and themselves and the therapist and/or the group. The intensity of the session can be varied based on participants goals and requirements and can range from being a lot of fun to sometimes eye opening, emotional release and engaging.

Praanah customizes a workshop based on the needs of the client. We offer private sessions, as well as group sessions for a wide range of clients.

About Bhaktiveda

Bhaktiveda has completed her M.A in Expressive Art Therapy from the prestigious Lesley University, Cambridge, USA. Her thesis concentration was on the ‘Positive Effects of Expressive Therapy on a young child diagnosed with ADHD’. She designed her own major at the undergraduate level and wrote a research paper on ‘How movement can be therapeutic’ at Trinity College, Hartford, USA. She has also attended an intensive Dance/Movement Therapy training at Antioch University, New England.

Bhaktiveda has worked with kids with cognitive disabilities such as Mental Retardation, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Dyslexia and Slow Learners. She has also worked with children recovering from Cancer and diagnosed with HIV in Mumbai. She has also done sessions with children with high physical and cognitive functioning.

She has worked extensively with groups of women, mixed groups, corporate institutions, and underprivileged communities. She has also volunteered with Several NGO’s and private institutions such as Committed Communites Development Trust, VSAI, and Tamanna, Pratham among others where she has given therapy sessions as well as directed a play for the children with cognitive impairments providing them new opportunities and experiences.

Along with this, Bhaktiveda is also associated with Prithvi Media to provide sustainable and value based animation content for children.