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Expressive Art Therapy session at the Aditya Birla World Academy school

Had a lovely Expressive Art Therapy session at the Aditya Birla World Academy school - event was called the “happy place” where there were several interesting workshops to spread mental health awareness to students. Thank you to Mpower for the amazing initiative."

Diploma Course in Expressive Art Therapy with WCC, Chennai

Had a lovely few days teaching students at a Diploma course on Expressive Art Therapy at WCC women Christian college in Chennai. The students were very receptive and was an absolute joy to spread the amazing power of this work. Stay tuned for more courses coming up soon"

Expressive Arts in Psychotherapy

Did an amazing workshop at Mpower: Mind Matters, the new centre for Mental Health in Mumbai, for the Core Therapists to introduce them to the concept of using "Expressive Arts in Psychotherapy"


This workshop will make us connect to our natural impulses. Through dance and art we will explore the varied emotions we experience, the cycles of life, the essence and elements of our earth and the different rhythms of our bodies. Explore free spontaneous movements that reveal a lot about our inner state of being and an artistic journey where one can connect with their current state of mind and find healing. Come relax and rejuvenate. Lets ignite our creative connection, disconnect from conformity and feel the oneness of us all!

Facilitate by:

Bhaktiveda, PRAANAH

Workshop Timings
5:30pm - 7:00pm

Email to register:

Limited spots.

Let your Inner Child Play!

Expressive Arts Therapy uses different artistic modalities like dance, drama, music and art that can be used in a therapeutic manner with a non-judgmental approach. Through devised techniques using creative and artistic expression, an individual is able to understand core issues from the artistic/dramatic expression of their subconscious, providing a deeper insight into themselves. It has the ability to facilitate letting go of stored and represses emotions and feeling from the body, providing clarity and new insight into one’s personality.
Join us, Pranah in association with Mind Mandala, to explore your inner child!

Nature’s Nurture, Bring your Child closer to Mother Earth-22nd – 24th April 2016

Ask your child where eggs come from? if the answer is “shop”, you have an issue on your hands! With a growing disconnect from nature as we bring up our children in urban cities, a weekend residential retreat with your child to re-connect is just what you need.

Exciting and new learning’s in the salubrious climate nestled in the Western Ghats at Village Belgundi 11 kms from Belgaum, Karnataka. Nature connect such as interacting with animals in a safe petting zoo, exploring pastured lands, viewing exotic birds, plucking fruits and vegetables, engaging in cooking sessions and creating exciting artifacts, the children will be immersed with activities full of fun, knowledge and self expression. The parents can enjoy the tranquil surroundings and also engage in activities such as Yoga classes, cycling, ATV rides, paint balling, pool, table tennis, boat rides or have the chance to catch up on sleep. They are only encouraged to participate in the first and last session of the program to complete the experience.

Adequate Indoor Area, away from mosquitoes and the hot blazing sun enabling them to spend maximum time constructively and creatively We will also be engaging in Expressive Art Therapy sessions by Praanah, the simplest method of inner self - development for children and adults.

An experience no hotel, or a holiday full of French fries and pizza will give you!
Spend a special weekend with your child that you will cherish forever.


Belgundi, Belgaum, Karnataka

Daily direct flights into Belgaum from Mumbai and Bangalore (Spicejet)

2.5 hours away driving distance from Panaji, Goa

5 hours drive from Pune on highway – easily accessible from Hubli and Kolhapur

Easily accessibility from anywhere in India

Cost: All inclusive

1 Room: – for three nights stay: Including all activities, art supplies, all meals and snacks.

Comfortable A/c room accommodation double occupancy: Rs. 24,000 Extra bed @ Rs.1,000 per night.

50 % Advance payment on registration

Activities include:

  • Nature inspired Arts and Crafts
  • Trampoline
  • Picnic near Rakaskop lake
  • Bonding activities between Parent and Child
  • Clay Sessions
  • Yoga sessions for Adults
  • Paintballing
  • Horse Riding
  • Cow Milking
  • Feeding chickens
  • Horse Riding
  • Feed the fish
  • Turtle counting
  • Swimming
  • playing with Rabbits
  • Expressive Art Therapy
  • Cooking Classes
  • Drum Circle

Target Age: 5 – 12 years but we have no limitations or restrictions on that

Payment details:

  • Cheque to be made in favor of: Bhaktiveda Dhaul
  • In Case of bank transfer:
  • Name: Bhaktiveda Harry Dhaul
  • HDFC Bank address: Ground Floor, Industry House. Opp Ramon House, 159 HT Parekh Marg,
  • Churchgate, Mumbai - 20
  • ​IFSC code: HDFC0000501
  • A/c No: 05011000100685
  • MICR No: 400240003
  • Address: 22, Rakhi Mahal ,Dinshaw Vachha ​R​oad ​. ​​Opp CCI Club, Churchgate, Mumbai - 20

Please share with us your contact information for any inquiry or registrations and we will get back to you. click here

"CMTAI’s 3rd International Annual conference ‘Dance Movement Therapy (DMT)

Workshop for CMTAI’s 3rd International Annual conference ‘Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) – Approaches and Techniques in an Indian Paradigm’ on“Expressive Arts Therapy – The Power of Personal Creative Expression!”
Since the umbrella of the use of Expressive Arts has been coined in the USA, The uses, benefits and scope of this work in regards to the Indian context will be explored. The origins of this work along with cultural differences will be highlighted upon.
The human body not so much as a mere physical form but more of an energy field will be explored, in connection to using the arts in therapy. Bhaktiveda will share her experiences through the form of real case studies. This session will be beneficial for special educators, therapists and teachers as well as individuals interested in using the arts for self-awareness, growth and healing.


Exploring "WHEN words ARE NOT ENOUGH!" through Expressive art Therapy at the LITMUS FESTIVAL, 2016

Cafe Zoe

"Desousa foundation in association with Mind Mandala announces ‘Quo Vadis?’" 06th – 07th April 2016


"Psycho Magicum 2016", National College in Mumbai.

Bhaktiveda had a rewarding experience at the "Psycho Magicum 2016" - A psychology festival Organised by "Mind Mandala" - a company that aims at providing integral psychology trainings and services. The event was held at the National College in Mumbai, about "140" psychology students participated in a workshop to explore using the Arts in Therapy!
The students were radiating with openness, curiosity and excitement and thoroughly enjoyed the process.


Join us for an adventure, where we take the kids on a journey through the magic of elements. Through dance, music, art and yoga we will discover how our bodies are balanced by the elements - Earth, Air, Space, Water and Fire. We will be breathing into asana’s, leading children into movement and dance, bringing an awareness between the breath and body while highlighting the importance of breath. Using tools of art therapy, we will invite them to express through colour and shapes, unleashing their innate connection to our universe and its elements.

Age group: 5 - 12 years
Activitites include: Active Meditation | Kids Yoga | Art Therapy | Clay Making | Dance and Music Therapy among others.
Facilitators: Veda Dhaul: Expressive Art Therapist | Natasha Mahindra: Yoga Therapist

"Paint. Dance. Flow "

In the beautiful valley of Assagaon - come and spend some quality time with yourself!
Explore Non Verbal Communication - our natural primal impulses using the body as a tool.
Authentic Dance - Free and flowing movements coming from within.
Creative Art Therapy - disconnect from conformity and explore inner messages revealed through symbols in art!
Facilated by:
Bhaktiveda www.praanah.in ( Expressive Art Therapist)
and Natasha Mahindra, Anamcara Yoga Retreats (Yoga Therapist)

Self-Healing through movement and art, Mandeville Hotel, London

In the hustle bustle of Central London, a mixed group participated in this self-healing workshop where participants were able to heal blocked emotions on a subtle level through expressive art therapy techniques. As a chance to look deeper within oneself, the emphasis was on the healing process of the activity. The participants engaged in expressive self-directed collage making, dancing with props, play dough and humming among other fun and relaxing activities. Many said it was a weekend well spent and wish they could spend a lot more weekends engaging in activities such as this!

Eco Warrior retreat, Mango House, Alibaug

Just before the onset of the crazy heat of the summer – Praanah and Anam Cara Yoga Retreats organized another Eco Warrior Yoga and Expressive Therapy camp for kids! The kids went for a nature walk, worked with natural clay, did lots of dancing, drumming, participated in interactive story telling and art work and had a great time doing yoga during sunset on the beach.
They also made their own cup cakes, which they munched away on their way home. The kids were refreshed and reminded about the importance of nature and environment and were ready to be the next Eco Warriors of tomorrow!

Let your inner child play

Praanah has conducted workshops for mixed groups, within the corporate sector and also for other groups using stress release, confidence building and shedding inhibitions as its main goal – calling these workshops “Let Your Inner Child Play” The participants were able to use various elements and modes of artistic expression in a therapeutic way. Ranging from self - awareness activities, art therapy, dance/movement therapy, toy figurines, puppets, collage making and clay work, The participants were able to reveal a lot of things about their current mindset and personality. In all the workshops the participants walked away, feeling much lighter, whole and happier.
For the corporate workshops – the modules have been modified based on goals set by the company and participant group involved.

Below are photos from different workshops held in different places between Mumbai and Delhi.

Little Eco Warrior Kids Yoga and Expressive art Therapy Camp : Waterwoods Lodge

As summer approaches every child waits in anticipation for the holidays. A time for them to run free, spend quality time with friends and family, discovering new places and learning new things.We at ‘Anam Cara’ and Praanah want to get these kids out in nature, away from their i-pads and televisions, into the outdoors. Enjoy time with their parents, connecting through group activities, in turn giving you and your child a memorable experience, while learning something new to take home with you. We will be using art therapy tools, dance, music and yoga, drumming among other activities to reach out to the children, teaching them to express themselves fully through such mediums.

Other activities that we will engage the children and parents in are:

  • Gardening
  • Ayurvedic/Thai/Yoga massage
  • Yoga for parents
  • Kayaking
  • Boat safari
  • Jungle safari
  • Nature walks
  • Cooking classes for kids
  • Cycling

Bhaktiveda Dhaul – Expressive Art Therapy
Natasha Mahindra – Yoga for Kids
Football fun – Rohan Misra

Bhaktiveda visits ananda, Himalayas as a Visiting Master

The fabulous Ananda Spa in the Himalayas invited Bhaktiveda to be a visiting master to work with their guests who primarily come there for some sort of a wellness program such as Detoxification, Rejuvenation, Wellness and Weight loss. The guests had the option of choosing to have an Expressive Art Therapy session over and above all the wellness treatments and programs they were undergoing. Bhaktiveda describes her experience below:

“It was a beautiful experience, where I got to interact with all kinds of people from all over the world and work with them on a personal level. Each guest was from a different profession, a different age and many from different nationalities other than Indian. It is interesting to look at people from a distance and presume that all is well in their lives, as they are enjoying the luxury of a top world-class spa. And then, when you get down to understanding their true scenarios and situations in terms of what they are going through you realize that everyone might not truly be as happy as they physically appeared in this serene and tranquil environment. We have so many layers within us that need to be peeled away. It was interesting to realize that whether a guest was from Hungary, Switzerland, Africa or India their problems were essentially due to very similar reasons. Emotional conflicts, expectations, dependency, poor communication, weak relationships and ill health were some of the main themes that were common among the guests who were from around the world. The human experience measured in emotions such as pain, insecurity or heartbreak is similar for all of us humans and is so heartfelt world over.

It was also interesting to note that people go to a spa or a detoxification program to ‘get away’, but taking a session such as this was great as it also gave the person a chance to confront issues and resolve them as oppose to ignoring or suppressing them. A release in the end always feels better and healing only starts once a feeling is truly expressed and released. I realized the importance of this work with the combination of other holistic practices such as Vedanta lectures, Yoga, Ayurveda and Massage therapy in this environment could have the impact to touch a deep chord and help with facilitating change or healing in one’s life.

The sessions were individual, couple or group based with different activities based on participant. I feel that guests took something different from their own experience or session. I am glad I was able to hold the space for a lot of tears and self-expression. In some cases, I felt like I was a dam that just opened to a gushing sea of words, needing to talk to someone. Realizing how people in India do not have it in their DNA to go to a therapist but from the outside, the familial hierarchy makes one believe that they are not lonely.

Ananda is truly a heavenly experience; the place is absolutely stunning, brilliant energy and ambience to the details, very well managed with superb friendly staff and last but not the least, the food is UNREAL! “ A must visit for anyone who can make some “self’ time. These past few days here will truly be cherished in my heart foremost and of course my mind, body and soul”

Indus talk

Bhaktiveda conducted a demonstrative talk and workshop for the women’s group Indus International in October 2013. The association having been founded in 1967, continues to hold programs for their women members to foster relations between women from different parts of the globe. Their activities include workshops on Art, Music, Performing Arts, Book, Handicrafts, Health and Ecology, Current Events, Philosophy and Religion and Welfare.

The group was dynamic and had a very interesting mix of ladies, who thoroughly enjoyed the session.

Roots to Recovery: Digestive System. Hide Out Farm, Mumbai

Praanah associated with Phsyioquest in a workshop titled “Roots to Recovery”. This workshop was held in the outskirts of Mumbai in a beautiful and charming farmhouse called Hide Out! A very natural and cozy home, catered to a very simple and organic lifestyle. The participants were a complete mixed group from all age groups and the main focus of the workshop was the Digestive system. The activities included were:

Hemant, the owner of the farm and his wife were very gracious hosts and we had a splendid day with a lot of learning to take home including new RAW recipes to include in our diet, and some healing, cleansing and tips for our digestive system a very integral organ of our bodies!

Praanah participated in an exhibition supporting ´Conscious Living ´ organised by Accessed

Praanah participated in an exhibition supporting ´Conscious Living´ organised by Accessed. It was based on the theme : "Hidden Treasures ; Healthy Living" and was represented by various people who were propagating their holistic practices in Mumbai. It was quite diverse as there was organic food, zen coaching/counselling, dance classes, yoga and environmental based stalls among others. It was good to see a rise in interest into a more educated lifestyle. It was also a super initiative to promote the rise in consciousness among people. There was a good response and turn out by Mumbaikars!

Praanah - WWF - Chimi´s World Collaboration for Five Schools in Bangalore, Karnataka

Praanah collaborated with Chimi´s world / Prithvi Media and WWF to create a workshop for school children on conservation of the environment in five schools in Bangalore. The children watched "Chimi´s Dream" a cartoon where a young boy meets different animals in a dream where they talk of man not leaving these wild animals a home to live in. The children also watched a few films on saving water, and explored the concept of having to interact with electronic animals in the future as a worst case scenario. We discussed concepts of recycling and leaving the future generations a green earth to live in. Our endeavor was to spread the message of preserving the environment and natural resources.

The workshops were held in five different schools in Bangalore: Smart School, Cathedral school, Siddhaganga, Deccan International and KLE school in September 2013. The children were able to watch the cartoon, “Chimi’s Dream” where this little boy dreams that he goes into the forest and meets all the animals who individually complain about man taking over their homes, and having no place to go. The children were then made to question the various words that are prefixed with “RE”. In discussion we explored many words such as Recycle, Re invent, Restore, Revive, Replenish etc. They then took a pledge that they will “Respect, Remember and Realize” every action they take with respect to the environment.

The kids then got in to Expressive Art work where they traced out their hands and expressed what the environment means to them on the cut outs of their palms! The pictures were absolutely beautiful and very descriptive of the kid’s thoughts! The thought that each hand counts and a small difference can make a change, was reinforced.

The children then danced to a rap song that was based on the environment, which brought the high energy back to the room! This workshop really gave the children some time to understand what was happening in our environment and gave them some space to introspect and question their own actions towards preservation.

Since education starts at home – they were encouraged to also go home and share what they had learnt with their families and friends.

"Art for Nature", Panna, Madhya Pradesh, India. August 2011

WWF and Sarva Shiksha Abhyan Kendra ( Gov of Madhya Pradesh) have a 9 month residential facility for the children of poachers of the Behelia tribe living in the Panna Tiger reserve forests. Prithvi Media and Praanah had been invited to conduct a 2 day ‘Art for Nature’ workshop for the 150 children of this residential programme. Even today the Behelias – nomadic tribals poach the Panna forests in search of wildlife. Apparently the population of larger animals in Panna has decreased drastically and even the number of tigers are very few!

Today wild boar and pheasant are caught and sold in markets in nearby towns such as Satna and Khajuraho. The principle behind the initiative organised by WWF (India) and the MP Government is to rehabilitate the children of these poachers, by offering them residential facilities and educate them with skills to survive in villages and towns. All this with aim to dissuade them from resorting to the traditional occupation of their forefathers and improve their lives! WWF (India) representatives along with the Prithvi Media and Praanah teams organised a 2 two day workshop in Panna on 28th/29th August 2011.

Prithvi Media, a platform for environmental awareness in education believes that it can spread its message of wildlife and nature conservation by organising workshops, movies and publications. It has recently launched ‘Chimi’s Dream’ an animated film (dubbed both in English and Hindi) based on the story of a young boys dream about animals in a forest who are about to embark on a green parade to protest against man for spoiling their environment . The movie was shown to the 150 children at their residential centre . They understood the message loud and clear – animals too have a right to a clean environment clean air fresh water and pure air!

Praanah, an organization that promotes the use of arts in education helped in facilitating the event with the use of fun activities using art, music and drama skits to enhance the children´s understanding of the subject. The children were then given musical instruments and divided into groups and along with their teachers coined a slogan “ Lets go forward ,lets go forward . We the children of the forests have pledged to wake up our neighborhoods. We the children of the towns have pledged to save our jungles!”

The children dressed in white ´Chimi’ T shirts marched in two lines outside their centre beating on their drums and other instruments, cheering whilst repeating the slogan and having fun. The hot afternoon sun beating down did not deter their enthusiasm and joy ! Over the two days various activities were done with the entire group of 150 children such as reciting of Hindi poems with actions, visualisation with actions such as enacting of wildlife and the growth of a tree, drawing environmental themes on hand cutouts and building a ‘Globe of Joy’ - with the understanding that each one can make a difference.

Workshop in Guwahati

In association with WWF India, Prithvi Media and Praanah conducted a workshop on Environment for 100 middle school students from 6 Schools during the 10th Festival of Books for Children on 16th October organised by Anwesha Guwahati, at Chandmari AEI Guwahati . Laxmi Dhaul CEO Prithvimedia and BhaktiVeda Dhaul showed thought provoking animated films and engaged the children by making them take a pledge to "Remember, Realise and Respect" the environment . The workshop culminated in all the children taking part in dancing to Chimisworld Rap and Green Parade.The 6 schools in Guwahatti , Assam were 1. Maharishi Vidya Mandir (Rajgarh) 2. Miles Bronson Residential School 3. Holy Child School 4. Oakland English High School 5. Maria´s Public School 6. Sudershan Public School

Exploring the Circle for Children Ages: 5-12, 7th-November-2015, Kemps Corner to Seventh Sense Movement Centre, Kemps Corner

Exploring the circle! A workshop we did for children before Diwali! They explored circular structures on a micro and macro level and thoroughly enjoyed the thought processes and flow ! Thank you Natasha Mahindra and Neha Kothari Seventh Sense Movement Centre

The Creative Exchange 2015 – by CMTAI – Goa

Creative Movement Therapy Association of India (CMTAI) put together a Skills Exchange & Enhancement Program - The Creative Exchange 2015. This forum gave practitioners an opportunity to share, listen to and exchange practical skills and theoretical knowledge based on select topics from creative movement and arts-based therapies.

20 Arts based therapists from around the country were chosen based on qualifications for this event. We all learnt a lot from each other in our respective presentations and research topics and had a great time getting to know each other and the work that was happening in this field in India so far!

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