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“What you Seek, is seeking you” – Rumi

In today’s day and age, far too much importance is given to spoken and written forms and means of communication. As a result non - verbal messages that have a significant relevance to us all are not being heard or considered. Little children are being forced to limit their creativity as they are meant to conform to an artistic standard that is driven by art that is commercially viable or has value and are made to conform to a uniform standard of art. Their creativity is being thwarted as they are forced to do things in a way, which could be harder for some and easy for the others and impossible for the rest. A child’s learning styles and abilities need to be harnessed by the teachers based on their abilities, strengths and weaknesses and not be reprimanded for being weak in certain areas of academic concern. A child’s notions and judgments are also shaped by their schooling environment and many times harsh words of a teacher can set of a trigger of disinterest in a child, that would put him further behind than overcome a weakness or find a passion that perhaps is not encouraged.

Expressive Therapy provides a platform of understanding the natural impulses of the child and uses basic elements of art, imagery, music, poetry, dance and drama in a manner that helps them express and convey what is naturally being revealed. In today’s competitive age, perfection and performance expectations are the main cause for discouragement.

“Education isn’t just about feeding the brain. Art and music feed the heart and soul” – Julie Garwood

Expressive Therapy for Students


Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world – Nelson Mandela

Our mediums of communication from birth are non-verbal gestures and messages that can be interpreted, till speech becomes our main medium of communication. Through techniques in this workshop, various aspects of communication are explored which assist in better self-understanding and expression.

Through the medium of Expressive Arts Therapies using music, art and movement in various group exercises, participants will strengthen relationships between each other and increase levels of confidence. Through simple exercises using artistic materials, and musical instruments individuals experience a sense of connection with each other and shed inhibitions. The students get the space to be creative and explore a natural artistic side to them. Students often in their expression reveal a lot of things that they might be unable to express or cues that can help caretakers to understand the child’s mind better.
The level of difficulty will be altered based on the age group of children involved.

Expressive Therapy for Students


Young adults need a lot of guidance with career consulting as they are making big decisions about life ahead. Using tools from Expressive Art Therapy these students will get more clarity about themselves and will gain an opportunity to listen to their inner wisdom through their free creative expression of their subconscious. This will help them in becoming more confident as they might be able to make the right decisions for themselves. On an emotional level, with all the love affairs that begin in college, a lot of emotional conflict can also be released through this work, as there is a sense of emotional clarity and self -awareness. Over and above this, the young adults and also indulge in fun and relaxation while shedding inhibitions and exploring their personality.

Expressive Therapy training for


Teachers need to start providing the environment for their students to grow and nurture themselves. No longer is there a buzz for following rules blindly to a book. Children need to be understood better and this gives the teachers an insight into learning styles, and different ways to connect to their students to help their growth.

This is also effective within a faculty group, where the teachers get to also have some relaxation and fun and get to explore their peers and themselves through artistic mediums.

Little Eco Warrior Kids

Yoga and Expressive Art Therapy Camp
“You can’t use up creativity the more you use, the more you have”. – Maya Angelou

As summer approaches every child waits in anticipation for the holidays. A time for them to run free, spend quality time with friends and family, discovering new places and learning new things.

We at ‘Anam Cara Yoga Retreats’ and ‘Praanah’ want to get these kids out in nature, away from their iPads and televisions, into the outdoors. Enjoy time with their parents, connecting through group activities, in turn giving you and your child a memorable experience, while learning something new to take home, which is completely based on the best values.

We will be using art therapy tools, dance, music, African drumming, cooking classes, yoga, prayers, planting seeds, working with clay, positive affirmations for plants among others, and based on the location we provide the children a nature experience where they can go on jungle safaris, treks, boating and kayaking if available.

Instead of checking in to those 5 star hotels and giving your children horrible processed foods in the name of a vacation – we will create a magic experience for you and your family that will have lasting memories and learning to stay.

If you are looking for a getaway with a group of parents- get in touch and leave it to us to make it amazing!

Chimi’s World

Enviro-edutainment Workshop

“Only after the last tree has been cut down, Only after the last river has been poisoned, Only after the last fish has been caught, Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten” – Cree Indian Prophecy

Praanah along with Prithvi Media conduct workshops for middle school children on environmental sustainability and other related issues such as saving water, promoting recycling etc. The children watch a fun animated cartoon called Chimi’s Dream where they realize how deforestation affects the lives of so many animals among making the world a barren place. The workshop consists of many activities around this theme where kids are able to develop their relationship to nature and their environment through art. There is a quiz, and many stories to share and even a rap dance! The kids after being educated are made to take a pledge of the 3 R’s. Namely, they are to Remember, Respect and realize that each of their further actions have a consequence, and each hand can make a difference.

We have organized parades for schools where different groups are shouting slogans and protesting against man’s selfishness, or even just marching to support the cause collectively. This module is customized based on the number of participating children.

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