It indeed is awakening!”

The workshop de-stresses and impacts your true core, inner child positively. =) Kudos Bhaktiveda!


“Let your inner child play! : Self- Healing through Movement and Art”

A thoroughly enjoyable and liberating workshop. We were breaking the mould and I felt my spirits lifted.


Mindblowing Workshop - Literally”

Shedding inhibitions & bringing people back to themselves is what this workshop is all about. U would love to become a child again and enjoy the freedom they enjoy. In a nutshell, at the start u feel a bit "Awkward" doing such childish acts and at the end u feel "Fresh & Full of Life" Brilliant workshop Veda, hope u help many more people get closer to themselves.



I've always been a skeptic when it comes to workshops like these, but i have to admit i walked out feeling happier, lighter and just plain liberated. Its quite interesting to see what comes out of you through the different activities. Even if you dont want to discuss them (and we have that option) it's great to just look inward and express. Veda is an absolute pleasure to work with.


Awesome Workshop!!!!

Yayyy!!!! I really enjoyed myself at the workshop & found it very rejuvenating. It was a wonderful escape from hectic routine and a lot of fun. A rare opportunity for self expression & reflection. I hope I have the chance like that in the future as well. I recommended this program to all my co-workers as well.


“Experience of the Workshop”

For me it was first time however, it was a complete unwinding experience!!!! I feel we all should be kind enough to ourself to spend a splendidly crafted day by Bhakti Veda to experience our very own SELF. We miss that all the time!!!! Many thanks to Veda for inviting me for the workshop


Great Escape”

What a great escape from the normal routine! I found myself wondering what it would be like if this kind of exercise were incorporated more frequently not only into my own life but beyond - what about the office, friends circles, or community groups? I enjoyed the mix of activities that allowed freedom and safety to explore my emotions, energy, and have a lot of fun while doing it. Whether you're outgoing, reserved, or somewhere in between you'll find a comfortable place for expressive awakening. Bottom line- highly recommend Praanah!


“Corporate Workshop”

I have learnt so much about myself in this workshop. It is a great place to connect with people and make good friendships and strengthening bonds between colleagues. The Expressive therapy work is truly amazing, and has a lot of potential for people to realize things about people and the world. I highly recommend this for everyone. I have been feeling different about myself ever since!


Exploration and Fun!”

The workshop was such joy, and I am so grateful for having been able to participate! It was truly a day for creativity, exploration, and fun. Veda and the other participants facilitated such a safe and open atmosphere that it was impossible to walk away without feeling a bit freer, and a bit lighter. The opportunity to learn a bit more about myself- where I am coming from and where I am going- is always a welcome experience! Thank you!


“Wow - i felt like a child again! ”

I was not sure what i was getting myself into when i enrolled for a workshop with Praanah. I had such a blast! I feel connected to parts of me that i took for granted for so long. It was good to have this self check time.Looking forward for more :) Thank you!



You've got to be there to know it!!:)


“Wow its Awesome”




Upon arriving in the class, I found myself wondering why I gave up my Saturday to take a workshop with a bunch of strangers! Well, due to the interactive sessions, within the first fifteen minutes of the class, there wasn't a stranger in sight, only friends! The workshop was one of the best experiences I have ever had. It took me out of my "safe zone" and exposed me to so much more. Amazing people and talents. In each session we were encouraged to open ourselves to new imaginative possibilities. Something dormant within me came back to life as I rediscovered my own creative spirit. I am on for the next session whenever and wherever it is happening!



Creativity is the quality that we bring to the activity we are doing. It is an attitude, an inner approach – how we look at things. Whatsoever we do, if we do it joyfully, if we do it lovingly, if our act of doing it is not purely economical, then it is creative. If it gives us growth, it is spiritual, it is creative, it is divine.If our act is our love-affair, then it becomes creative. Small things become great by the touch of love and delight. Thanks very much, Veda/Praanah, for inviting me to be a part this creative journey. I thoroughly enjoyed the process ... The informal approach, playfulness, warmth and friendliness. Stay beautiful and blessed.


Self Healing- Expressive Art Workshop”

I attended the workshop here in London on the 31st of May, 2015 which happened to be on a Sunday. It was a 3 hour workshop. I went in with a open mind and no expectations and I am glad I did so. It was a fantastic way to spend a Sunday. I do wish there were more workshops held here in London. One tends to get so caught up in their everyday responsibilities that when the weekend comes around…….watching TV, playing on your Ipad, going for a swim, playing a sport, hitting the gym or a long lazy brunch which lasts for hours are ways for us to de compress. Lets add one more activity to that list! The Pranaah Expressive Art Workshop. This workshop helps you shed your inhibitions, improve your interactions with people you have just met, it helps create self awareness and there are a list of endless benefits. I would also highly recommend this workshop for corporates especially because at times the work place can turn into a war zone given the different energies floating around. What a beautiful place the world would be if we had an opportunity to be able to work and improve on ourselves to be better human beings!


A four hour journey with Bhaktiveda working on Expressive Art Therapy was a revelation of sorts.

1) How we are more connected to the mind and body.

2) How connection (eye- spine) with another opens doors to understanding of self, others and feelings.

3) How art (drawing) reveals your sub-conscious mind.

4) The most ignored part of the body is the feet that keeps you rooted and grounded.

5) Power of others on you- can liberate or destroy you.

6) Absolutely loved the workshop.

Thank you Mind Mandala and Praanah.

Reshma Mirwani

Excellent facilitator. A very good learning experience. The techniques can be used with people of all ages and from all walks of life. Thank you. Look forward to more!!

Neha Shah

Extremely liberating and builds up confidence in people.

Kasturi Roy

It was really helpful. I received some new information. Facilitator could have given more theoretical information or insight. But it was nice

Dipti Shinde

This is the first time I have attended Expressive Art therapy. It was the best experience I have had ever in my life. It was very rejuvenating and exhibited emotions. Loved it. Looking forward to attending more sessions. Thanks a lot for the wonderful workshop

Yoshita shah

It was a truly amazing learning experience. I would like to attend more workshop.

Eshita Gala

Was very amazing.

Pujita Mirwani

I would like if these are more and more workshops like this and also if you provide certified course.

Payal Israni

Just loved and adored the facilitator. Felt so rejuvenated. Thank you for this time. Loved every bit. No fatigue felt.

Anusha Neelkant

Eye opener. Enlightened to a whole new area. I am now very inspired and excited about this new area in therapy.

Rifka Romani

Eye opener. Enlightened to a whole new area. I am now very inspired and excited about this new area in therapy. – Rifka Romani Great experience. Well paced. Clear to follow unleashed my creativity.

Sunita Masani

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