drama Therapy

Through the Expressive Arts Therapies the individual’s core issues emerge from the artistic/dramatic expression of their subconscious, which reveal a deeper insight into the individual. Verbalizing a feeling might not be accurate of the true emotion behind that feeling, sometimes due to language barriers and at times not being able to identify the source of the problem. Emotions revealed through self-expression, dramatically are way more significant in comparison to a verbal conversation about an issue. Through different approaches and techniques in Drama Therapy an individual undergoes a transformation in the manner in which he might view a situation or problem that he is undergoing. In many cases, it is the perspective itself that could be the main hindrance in solving the issues.

The technique of role-playing is very effective in understanding the perspectives of another, which aids in better understanding inter personal conflicts and makes way for self-growth. The emotional release of tension and cognitive reorganization of perceptual patterns through various techniques helps the individual deepen their transpersonal connection to themselves and undergo a process of therapy. The foundations used in all the drama therapy approaches stem from different perspectives and philosophies, but all strive for the same goal – towards self realization. There are various methods and techniques such as Psychodrama, Developmental Transformations among others under the hat of Drama therapy.


Drama therapy can be practiced in a group or individual sessions depending on the requirement and participants.